A Market for Barcelona


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Virginia Tech


This thesis confronts the possibility of an architecture which limits and reveals, freedom for a way to live, for the activities of man which are vital to a good life. An architecture which is investigated and projected through making.

Architecture Separates and makes Distinct, while finding meaningful connection.

The work of drawing here attempts to project an architecture which is vital to man, by providing a connection to the activities of Man, in which the spirit of their beginning is recaptured and renewed through a reimagining of the Institutions of Man. Where a sense of Wonder is imperative, and the sense of the eternal in architecture is cultivated. One where a renewal is possible and sense of the cosmos is more evident.

On the Threshold of 'Where the desire to express meets the possible' (Kahn) using architectural form. Awareness What is the form? Beginning with the room



Monumentality, City, Plaza, Absolute, Autonomy, Louis I. Kahn, Camillo Sitte, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Eladio Dieste, Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Catenary, Catalan, Vault, Barcelona, Market