Circulation Structured

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Virginia Tech


Circulation is the way by which people move and interact with a piece of architecture. In public buildings, such as transportation terminals, it is crucial to have a floor plan that allows easy flow of pedestrian traffic. Effective circulation in public areas such as these ensures a visitor can navigate conveniently and efficiently. Also, using circulation elements such as elevators, escalators, and staircases, optimizes the flow of individuals through a building while providing visual appeal as they can be positioned and designed creatively

Within my thesis I am investigating the relation between the physical presence of architecture and the possibilities to provide order and sensualisation throught its circulation system. Humans follow specific quotes of orientation, but architecture can especially offer certain guidelines. Although structural solutions require essential knowledge, this thesis further requests the double use of structure as a circulation pathway in addition. The high-scale urban environment of New York City provides ground for this investigation.



Transportation, Circulation, Bus Station, New York City