Composition and in vivo and in vitro digestibility of cattle fecal waste

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Virginia Tech


Three digestion trials were conducted with six yearling steers to study apparent digestibility of fecal waste from steers fed a ground, high roughage finishing ration. In the first trial steers were fed a basal ration containing approximately 50% roughage. The ration contained 14.3% crude protein and 22.8% crude fiber, dry basis. Apparent digestibility was 65% for dry matter and 66% for crude protein. The feces collected during this trial were dried in a forced air oven at 120 C and ground. The chemical composition of the feces was 13.2% crude protein, 31.4% crude fiber, 2.8% ether extract, 5.4% ash, 38.8% NFE, 70.9% cell walls and 44.8% ADF, dry basis. For trials 2 and 3 a switch-back design was used. In each trial one-half of the steers were fed the basal and the remainder were fed a ration in which dried cattle feces collected during trial 1 were substituted for 20% of the basal ration.



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