A microcomputer based Energy Monitoring and Reporting System for Virginia state facilities

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Virginia Tech

Effective energy management programs rely upon readily accessible energy consumption information. This thesis presents a Lotus Symphony based microcomputer system developed to monitor, analyze, and report on energy usage for a select group of Virginia state facilities. A review of significant program routines and procedures is presented, along with key assumptions and limitations of the system, and example inputs and outputs. A User's Guide is also included to aid first-time users of Symphony and/or the Energy Monitoring and Reporting System (EMRS).

Available system outputs, in the form of spreadsheet printouts and graphs, enable detailing energy consumption patterns for each facility by fuel type for any given year. The capability of outlining the progression of a facility's energy management program is provided by comparison of a given year's energy consumption records to the previous and base (FY 1985-86) years. In addition, facilities with similar operational characteristics were segregated into divisions, providing the capability to rank facilities within divisions based upon several energy consumption criteria.

Extensive use of the Symphony Command (or Macro) Language permitted creation of customized, interactive menus, which allows those not familiar with Lotus Symphony to fully utilize the capabilities of the EMRS.