The relationship between children's tendencies in choosing comic books and certain other traits

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

At the outset of this investigation its purpose was stated as that of discovering what relationships if any might exist between the quality of comic books read by certain seventh-grade children and their intelligence quotients, reading scores, and language scores.

In attempting to carry out its purpose, two hundred seventh-grade children, attending three elementary schools in Wythe County, Virginia, were chosen as subjects for investigation. The manner of proceeding from that point has been described in the preceding chapter. The presentation of findings resulting from the various steps taken to obtain data have been reserved for this chapter; likewise, the interpretations stemming from such findings.

The results of administering intelligence, reading, and language tests to the chosen population of children are given herewith, in the form of grouped frequency distributions, in Tables I, II, and III. The so-called comic quotients for the same group are found in Table IV. The coefficients of correlation as computed by the Statistical Laboratory, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia, for the same children are found in Table V of this study, page 59.