Electronic Theses and Dissertations Database Errors


Detecting and correcting coding errors in the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations Database, or ETDdbErrors for short, is a Java based application created primarily for XML file editing and debugging. ETDdbErrors was inspired by the need to fix XML errors in the Virginia Tech Thesis and Dissertation Library Database, where many documents required significant editing to be valid XML and still had visual display bugs. This application’s purpose is to permit the user to easily debug and edit XML files so that they can be correctly displayed. ETDdbErrors is Java based so that it can be used across a wider array of platforms and systems. The application uses a configuration file, a parser, an output file, a log file, and an input file. The user can edit the configuration file to specify what kind of errors he is encountering, and what solution options he wants for each find of error. Users may specify any number of solutions, and if there is more than 1, the program will display the context of the found error, and prompt you for a decision on which solution to implement. The application also automatically removes control characters that are illegal in XML. This allows users of ETDdbErrors to quickly and efficiently edit and fix problematic XML files. ETDdbErrors also has a secondary version, called VT Thesis and Dissertation Database Parser, or VTTDP for short. This is an older version of ETDdbErrors that was made specifically for the VT Thesis and Dissertation Database. This application is not interactive and not usable beyond fixing the errors specific to the VT Thesis and Dissertation Database, but provides a faster and more targeted fix to the problems encountered there.

Our client for the Project is Zhiwu Xie, an Associate Professor and Technology Development Librarian at Virginia Tech. The files provided include: the Project files, Midterm Presentation files, Final Presentation files, and Final Report files.
Electronic Theses And Dissertations, Database, ETD