A Framework for policy-based Quality of Service for fixed broadband wireless networks

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Virginia Tech

This thesis describes an architecture for policy-based quality of service (QoS) for fixed broadband wireless systems. An implementation of the proposed architecture for the Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) wireless network in Blacksburg, Virginia is described in detail. The focus of the research work was to enable simpler management of the LMDS system and to design and enable network QoS.

The thesis examines various means to provide QoS in the network. It highlights issues related to enabling QoS in the VT-LMDS network, like prioritized access, resource management, service differentiation, and lack of predictability in network performance. Quality of service assumes a definition based on the context and application of interest. This research focuses on enabling service differentiation and intelligent resource management based on network conditions and link utilization.

A software application that serves as a model of the described architecture was developed using the C++ programming language. The tool uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for the network management operations. The design, implementation issues and the advantages and shortcomings of the tool are outlined and a short primer on the use of the tool is provided.

Finally, possibilities for future work in this area especially towards enabling the tool to work with other vendor-specific LMDS systems and non-LMDS fixed broadband wireless systems are examined and the issues in implementing one such system are described.

CNS, CWT, policy-based, SNMP, network management, Quality of service, QoS, broadband wireless, LMDS