A community of houses

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This thesis is about the process of discovery. It is a search for an ordered architecture that is faithful to the generating ideas that formed it. It is the creation of an architecture that captures the spirit of the place where it lives.

The form of architecture is the manifestation of an idea that satisfies and expresses a need. The purpose of architecture is to inspire and fulfill the spirit. But the true essence of architecture lies beyond appearance. It is an internal quality revealed by what it is, what it represents, and what it contributes to mankind. It is essential to reach beyond merely satisfying the functional requirements of a building to create meaningful architecture.

Architecture is born from an idea and success is measured by how well that idea is portrayed. Ideas can be expressed in an infinite number of ways and studying the guiding principles proven throughout history can help to govern and direct a design as it progresses. True architecture results from an uncompromising position about certain ideas and the resulting work reveals the dedication to those ideas.