Fish protein concentrate as a food additive

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Yeast breads and brownies were prepared with Fish Protein Concentrate from three sources. The FPC's were substituted for 0, 10, and 15 per cent of the flour w:w in each product. The results of a nine member taste panel showed the amount and brand of FPC added affected the properties of the products. An analysis of variance and orthorgonal contrast were used to determine significance of differences in scores for sensory evaluations. The scores for objective measurements were compared using Duncan's Multiple Range Test.

The characteristics of all breads made with FPC varied according to the source and/or the concentration. In general, breads made with 10 per cent FPC-2 were judged to have the best eating quality.

Color, volume, and moisture of breads were evaluated with objective measures. Breads prepared with FPC-3 had the lightest crumb color. The volume of breads decreased significantly with the increase of FPC and that prepared with FPC-2 tended to be larger.

The sensory evaluation of brownies indicated that the inclusion of FPC at any level or from any of the three sources was not detectable. Standing height and the moisture of brownies were varied and no trends were noted.

In conclusion, acceptable yeast breads can be made with 10 per cent w:w FPC added and brownies can be made with at least 15 per cent w:w FPC