Mediathek: a projection of space in reality and virtuality

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Virginia Tech

Working as an architect means being able to see the main issues of a design, examining with objectivity the possible solutions and finally grasp the technical means necessary to accomplish the project. I think that it is important for an architect to be involved in the entire course of a project, since the process of "building" is a simultaneous rather than a sequential one. My architectural education and my work experience as an intern in architecture firms in Germany prepared me well for practice. It covered many technical issues and equipped me with the fundamentals of architectural assembly. Graduate education in the United States provided me with the academic environment to investigate my interests more deeply and to discover my personal strengths. It gave me the opportunity to formulate a mature and coherent position in my thinking and making.

I still cannot explain everything intellectually, since many ideas are intuitively derived or spring from my sub-consciousness. But my theoretical and practical background combined with sincere feedback from my classmates and committee members provided the necessary climate to develop and elaborate architectural ideas.

I see life as a continuous course of learning, where personal growth not only strengthens my confidence, but also contributes to the discipline of architecture and to society at large. An architect has a special responsibility towards society as he/she translates the spirit of time into the built cultural environment.

Architecture, intuition, perception, media