Evaluation of the Repeatability and Reproducibility of Network-Level Pavement Macrotexture Measuring Devices

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this thesis was to assess the repeatability and reproducibility of two high-speed macrotexture measuring systems. The first portion of the study collected macrotexture measurements using the two high-speed systems on the Virginia Smart Road facility and validated the reproducibility of the mean profile depth (MPD) measurements with reference CT Meter measurements. The various data sets were then compared with each other. The objective was to determine whether the two systems are collecting repeatable and reproducible data.

The analysis showed that the two high-speed systems investigated have good repeatability (0.105 mm for the Ames and 0.113 mm for the SCRIM) when measuring the average MPD of the sections investigated. The two systems produce measurements that are highly-correlated (Ames R2 = 0.9591 and SCRIM R2 = 0.9157) with the reference ones obtained with the CT Meter. While the Ames systems, with the data processed using the Virginia Tech filter, measures MPD values that are very close to those of the CT Meter, with a virtually zero systematic bias. The SCRIM obtains slightly lower readings. The differences are thought to be due to the filtering of the raw pavement elevation measurements used by the SCRIM processing software to eliminate dropout and spikes in the laser measurements.

Macrotexture, Network-Level, MPD, Repeatability, Reproducibility