Light, Shadow and Wind in Building Design

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Virginia Tech

Design is about understanding a space. It is about integration of light and air in building design. It is about light, shadow, reflection. It is about wind, its movement and escape. Through designing this project I was able to explore how sun, wind and light can be used effectively in a building design, in my project, in an office environment.

The fire, the Light; the energy is the inspiration behind the origin of Architecture. Energy brings architecture into the world of processes and life and Architecture brings together Fire and Shelter, Chaos and Organization. Day lighting or the use of natural light in a building is one of the fundamental elements used to bring an essential experience of visual comfort and outside world environmental stimulation for all building occupants.

The History of Architecture, said Le Corbusier, is a history of the struggle for light, the struggle for the window.

This thesis assembles the research, conceptualization and final development of the office building design with an integration of light and wind.

Light, shadow, Wind, Wind Escape, Energy, Venturi Action, Bernoulli Effect, Malqaf, Badgir, Wind Catchers, Louvers, Brise-Soleil, Natural Ventilation.