A rapid assessment for the fat intake of university students

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Virginia Tech

Assessment methods are continually updated to adequately measure dietary intakes. Rapid Assessment Methodologies, or RAMs, are being developed to quickly measure specific nutrients. Although no perfect measure of an individual’s diet exists, diet records (DRs) are considered the most accurate assessment technique.

The goal of this research was to design a short form using the frequency of consumption to detect clientele with high dietary fat intake. A food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) of 24 foods was developed based on data from national sources and on data on college students. College student FFQ ratings were compared with three-day DRs to determine the foods predicting the fat in their diet.

Two RAMs, Fat Factor Short (FF Short) and Fat Factor Long (FF Long) were designed: FF Short (a shortlist of six foods) and FF Long (a longer list of 12 foods). FF Short was the preferred predictor of students consuming a high-fat diet.

Short food lists should be useful in predicting dietary fat intake and assist in detecting individuals requiring further educational programs on reducing dietary fat.