A Pilot Study for Identifying Tasks and Degrees of Visual Fidelity for Applications of Head Mounted Display Systems for Construction

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Virginia Tech

The rise in technology and reduced costs has led to more research on the use of Augmented Reality (AR). However, applications for AR Head Mounted Display (HMD) systems are still being defined. AR HMD systems have potential to help users interact and experience information in a way that could improve their performance. In the construction sector, workers use black and white construction level of detail drawings for assembly and inspection tasks. For this thesis, Microsoft HoloLens was used in an experiment to see the effects of AR models on user performance and comprehension. There were three conditions for this study, two of the conditions used AR model displays and the third condition used a traditional paper drawing of the model. This study measured participants' accuracy and comprehension of the model presented to them. The conclusion of this thesis is that using 3D AR models may improve participants' comprehension of construction drawings.

Construction, Augmented Reality