Security By Design


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Securing a computer from unwanted intrusion requires astute planning and effort to effectively minimize the security invasions computers are plagued with today. While all of the efforts to secure a computer are needed, it seems that the underlying issue of what is being secured has been overlooked. The operating system is at the core of the security issue. Many applications and devices have been put into place to add layers of protection to an already weak operating system. Security did not used to be such a prominent issue because computers were not connected 24/7, they used dialup and did not experience the effects from connecting to multiple computers. Today computers connect to high speed Internet and seem useless without access to email, chat, Internet, and videos. This interconnectedness of computers has allowed the security of many computers to be compromised because they have not been programmatically secured. The core component of computer security might best be done through security layers protecting the operating system. For this research, those who work in the computer field were asked to complete a survey. The survey was used to gather information such as the security layers and enhancements implemented on Linux computers and networks their surrounding network. This research is a stepping stone for further research as to what can be done to further improve upon security and its current implementations.



Linux security layers, Information Security, Linux System administrators