Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of Doublet Lattice Flight Loads using Flight Test Data


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Virginia Tech


This paper presents a framework for tuning, validating, and quantifying uncertainties for flight loads. The flight loads are computed using a Nastran doublet lattice model and are validated using measured data from a flight loads survey for a Cessna Model 525B business jet equipped with Tamarack® Aerospace Group’s active winglet modification, ATLAS® (Active Technology Load Alleviation System). ATLAS® allows for significant aerodynamic improvements to be realized by reducing loads to below the values of the original, unmodified airplane. Flight loads are measured using calibrated strain gages and are used to tune and validate a Nastran doublet-lattice flight loads model. Methods used to tune and validate the model include uncertainty quantification of the Nastran model form and lead to an uncertainty quantified model which can be used to estimate flight loads at any given flight condition within the operating envelope of the airplane. The methods presented herein improve the efficiency of the loads process and reduce conservatism in design loads through improved prediction techniques. Regression techniques and uncertainty quantification methods are presented to more accurately assess the complexities in comparing models to flight test results.



Loads, Doublet Lattice, Validation, Uncertainty Quantification