The influence of the ration of the cow on vitamin C content of milk

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

The purpose of this investigation was to study the influence of the ration of the cow upon the vitamin C content of milk. The determinations were made by the biological assay method and by the chemical titration method. The cows were given four kinds of rations. Similar determinations have been made by other workers. A brief resume of their technique and conclusions follows:

From the results of this investigation, it is concluded:

  1. That the ascorbic acid content of milk decreases as the stage of lactation increases.

  2. That the ascorbic acid of the milk of individual cows varies within the breed.

  3. That the age of the cow does not influence the vitamin C content of the milk.

  4. That the rate of gain of the assay animals over a period of 74 days was independent of the ascorbic acid content.

  5. That the vitamin C content seems to be independent of the ration of the cow.

  6. That the “spring milk” carried some factor which influenced a greater gain of weight than other “winter” milk rations.