Disease Spread Simulator


The goal of our project is to provide a prediction tool to allow researchers to model the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer populations in Virginia. We will provide predictions of prevalence of Chronic Wasting Disease on a county by county basis, and simulations of the changing prevalence in counties over time. This tool will be provided in the form of a website, which will allow user input for different parameters affecting the prevalence of Chronic Wasting Disease and displaying results from the predictions our application will make. We will allow the user to provide parameters for the importance of both deer population density and the vegetation level that affects the prevalence of Chronic Wasting Disease. The website will have many options to display the prevalence values we calculate including a statewide heatmap of prevalence by county and a county specific view.



chronic wasting disease, Virginia, prevalence, county, seroprevalence, statistics, Bernoulli, disease, deer, prion, website, R-Shiny