A civic and recreation center for Pulaski County, Virginia

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

It is the purpose of this thesis to develop the design of a civic and recreation center for Pulaski County, Virginia, which will to the best or the author's ability satisfy two major requirements.

The first requirement is that the building shall fulfill the specific needs of the citizens of Pulaski County in providing them with the facilities to carry on those recreational, social, cultural, and civic activities which a.re so necessary for their individual well being and so necessary for making Pulaski a more progressive, a more enjoyable, and a healthier county in which to live. In order to evolve the plans for a building that will fulfill this requirement, it was necessary for the author to go out into Pulaski County and meet the people for whom he was designing. Only by such a method could the author hope to integrate his planning with the tempo and patterns or their daily lives. In the following section the citizens of Pulaski will be introduced to the reader as the author came to know them, to know their general characteristics, their interests, their present needs, and their future dreams.

The second requirement is that through a synthesis of the function, the structure, and the aesthetic qualities of the building, it will reflect the noble character of the Pulaski Perpetual Endowment Fund project and will serve as an inspirational memorial to those citizens who, by their contributions, will make the project a success.