Compelled to make

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

¹“We deliberate not about ends but about means. For a doctor does not deliberate whether he shall heal, nor an orator whether he should persuade, nor a statesman whether he shall produce law and order nor does anyone else deliberate about his end. 'They assume the end and consider how and by what means it is to be attained; and if it seems to be produced by several means they consider by which it is most easily and best produced, while if it is to be achieved by one only they consider how it will be achieved by this and by what means this will be achieved, til they come to the first cause, which is the order of discovery is last.” Aristotle, Ethics.

²Gaston Bachelard, on Beaudelaire's use of word vast“...brings calm and unity; it opens up unlimited space. It also teaches us to breathe with the air that rests on the horizon, far from the walls of the chimerical prisons that are the cause of our anguish." Poetics of Space.

³ “Exterior spectacle helps intimate grandeur unfold" Poetics of Space.