A study of the factors affecting the holding power of high schools in a certain mountainous rural area

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


This study arose from a desire to view the factors involved in Grayson County's High Schools' ability to retain youth after their 16th birthday, the compulsory attendance age. Also from a desire to view these factors in terms of rank of importance.

In the process of securing data from which inferences could be drawn concerning this question the Freshman Class of 1956 was taken as the original membership group of the study. Information was obtained from members of the original membership who dropped out of school after their 16th birthday. Information was also secured from those individuals of the original membership who remained in school, since it was felt that information from both groups might be data of significance.

A questionnaire submitted to all 1960 seniors of the original 1956 membership provided data used in determining factors in completion. A questionnaire was also submitted to all terminators of the original 1956 membership and provided data used in determining factors in termination. The data from questionnaires from completors and terminators were tabled, tabulated and ranked according to frequency. Those factors having the greater frequencies were considered most important in a descending scale of importance.

As a final phase of the study, general statements are made concerning apparent need for improvement in the Grayson County School system. Recommendations are made applying not only to Grayson County Schools but to any school system with the problem of termination.