Performance analysis of the MULTISAFE protection enforcement processes

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Virginia Tech

This paper describes the performance of the MULTISAFE database protection model through response-time equations. A predicate-based protection model is described. Various classes of access decision dependencies are reviewed. The distinct modules of MULTISAFE are discussed, and a relational database approach to the management of data protection is developed for these modules. A performance equation which models user login into MULTISAFE is developed. A set of equations is developed which model the processing of database queries as a series of steps. These equations are then modified to consider the possibility of concurrent processing among the MULTISAFE modules. The two sets of equations are compared and analyzed. The analysis reveals that the concurrency feature of MULTISAFE allows database protection to be implemented with a minimum of system overhead. Further analysis shows that, in some cases, an arbitrary database query takes less time to process with all protection checks in force than a similar query in a protection less environment.