Wireless Information and Power Transfer Methods for IoT Applications

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Virginia Tech


As Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to become more commonplace, demand for self-sustainable and low-power networking schemes has increased. Future IoT devices will require a ubiquitous energy source and will need to be capable of low power communication. RF energy can be harvested through ambient or dedicated RF sources to satisfy this energy demand. In addition, these RF signals can be modified to convey information. This thesis surveys a variety of RF energy harvesting methods. A new low complexity energy harvesting system (circuit and antenna) is proposed. Low power communication schemes are examined, and low complexity and efficient transmitter designs are developed that utilize RF backscattering, harmonics, and intermodulation products. These communication schemes operate with minimal power consumption and can be powered solely from harvested RF energy. The RF energy harvester and RF-powered transmitters designs are validated through simulation, prototyping, and measurements. The results are compared to the performance of state-of-the-art devices described in the literature.



IoT, energy harvesting, wireless power transfer, RF