Inverting Suburbia

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Virginia Tech

Suburban sprawl fuels the need for automobiles and is preventing cities in the United States from providing adequate places for pedestrians. Tysons Corner, Virginia is one of these sprawling cities that is a metropolitan suburb of Washington D.C. The way these cities have sprawled prevents them from being as accessible to pedestrians as they should be. Building dense housing near access to multiple modes of transportation can start to reduce the dependance on personal vehicles. By living near a bike route, bus route, or metro station, a pedestrian can break their reliance on cars and utilize more sustainable modes of transportation. Tysons Corner began as a business hub full of commuters and continues to be today. The city has no place for pedestrians because of all the high rises and parking garages. By designing a place for people to live and pedestrians to interact, a new place can emerge for Tysons that will give access to multiple modes of transportation that combat the car.

Suburbs, Architecture, Mixed-Use, Residential, Commercial