Publication of the Bibliographies on the World Wide Web

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Virginia Tech

Every scientific research begins with a literature review that includes an extensive bibliographic search. Such searches are known to be difficult and time-consuming because of the vast amount of topical material existing in today's ever-changing technology base. Keeping up-to-date with related literature and being aware of the most recent publications require extensive time and effort.

The need for a WWW-based software tool for collecting and providing access to this scientific body of knowledge is undeniable. The study explained herein deals with this problem by developing an efficient, advanced, easy-to-use tool, WebBiblio, that provides a globally accessible WWW environment enabling the collection and dissemination of searchable bibliographies comprised of abstracts and keywords. This thesis describes the design, structure and features of WebBiblio, and explains the ideas and approaches used in its development. The developed system is not a prototype, but a production system that exploits the capabilities of the WWW. Currently, it is used to publish three VV&T bibliographies at the WWW site: With its rich set of features and ergonomically engineered interface, WebBiblio brings a comprehensive solution to solving the problem of globally collecting and providing access to a diverse set of bibliographies.

bibliography search, information storage and retrieval, world wide web, bibliography publishing, www software development, query manipulation, database management