Experiencing Inebriation In Place

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Virginia Tech

Sitting in a pub in Dublin, I tried to understand the architectural qualities of my so-called watering hole. The stylish wood and spatial divisions were pleasant but were not the full reasons behind why I loved being apart of the place.

I started to think why architecture is not valued through our sensibilities? Or a better question, how can architecture be valued through our sensibilities?

Our emotions are developed through our experiences. The movement through the pub, my actions within the space, and the senses being formed from my surroundings helped my understanding of why I enjoyed the pub. There was a function, a process, and an interpretation of senses.

Our senses are developed from our immediate environments. We know ourselves in relation to other things. We know how certain things make us feel. Things have histories and we evaluate these things in relation to our own timeline. When these relationships and feelings meet we understand our surroundings through placement. Here is where we dwell in a place. Place is the building, within the building, and around the building. Place and dwelling are more cognitive than physically inhabiting within a location.

Our understanding of how we love a building starts with place.

How do you design a place?

How do things and people belong to these places?

Can a bar and brewery become one of these things on the banks of the Potomac in Old Town Alexandria? And, will it make a new and better place? Will it be loved?

brewery, senses, phenomenology, experience, Topophila, Old Town Alexandria, place, model, perspective, elevation, bar