Quality and browning and the effects of ph adjustment on cakes prepared with high fructose corn syrup

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Virginia Tech

Cakes were prepared with high fructose corn syrup as the total sweetening agent in a moisture adjusted formulation which allowed for the moisture content of the syrup. Three treatments were produced by adding glucose-delta-lactone and cream of tartar (high acid), cream of tartar (medium acid), or no addition (low acid). Cakes were baked and.immediately tested under controlled conditions.

The pH and specific gravity were determined for cake batters. Baked cakes were evaluated for pH, standing height as an index to volume, moisture, deformation, crust color, and crust and crumb browning.

Volume, color and browning were all significantly affected by pH adjustment. As acidity increased, cakes had less volume and a gummy, pudding-like texture. Color decreased and browning decreased at higher levels of acidity. Thus, it was concluded that increasing acidity decreased the over-development of color and browning, but altered the texture. The high fructose corn syrup sweetened cakes that were moderately acidified by the addition of cream of tartar alone were less brown but lighter in texture than the other treatments.