A study of the teaching of English in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades of Roanoke City and County

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

In keeping with these inquiries the following purposes for this study were conceived: (1) To make a statement of cardinal values to be found in typical English programs on the junior high school level. (2) To explore the procedures used by a representative group of junior high school teachers of English in an attempt to discover what portions of the English curriculum they considered of the greatest importance. (3) To use the cardinal values to which reference has just been made as criteria by which to judge the objectives toward which work was being directed in English classes in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades of Roanoke City and County.

After the foregoing purposes had been established, a study was made of the economic and social background in which the study was set, resulting in the findings set forth in Chapter II of this writing. Following this, the literature of the field was surveyed with a view to discovering the ideas of authors respecting the teaching of English. A detailed study was made of various courses of study. Following that survey there was formulated the set of criteria which appears in Chapter III. The next undertaking was to make a schedule composed of items which were deemed appropriate to the various criteria, to be used in gathering data relative to the practices of teachers of English in the City and County of Roanoke, respectively. The successive steps in constructing and administering that instrument, together with data resulting from its use, are given in Chapter IV. The final chapter contains a summary of findings to which reference has just been made and certain recommendations emerging therefrom.