(Not) Drawing The Line: Technology Reexamined

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Virginia Tech

(Not) Drawing The Line: Technology Re-examined is the culmination of interdisciplinary research exploring the nature of materiality and process in the fields of art, science, and technology. Exploration and experimentation in these diverse disciplines have helped to illuminate many of the ideas and concepts that have guided the overall research process. These explorations have also honed the ability to critically examine how technology is perceived and represented, post-internet.   This document illustrates the processes involved in the conception and creation of a body of work manifested through visual and technological problem solving, investigative research of materials and technologies, and the fundamental concerns of art, technology, form and pattern. These empirical areas of research are punctuated by literary texts on the philosophy of art and technology that have informed many of the visual comparisons represented. This body of evidence is an exploration of the idea that the evolution of technological developments can often be attributed to the creation of art through the heuristic experimentation and visual explorations of the artist.

Holographic Hive, Electromagnetogram, Primitive Touchscreen, Ephemeral, Video Projection Mapping, Pepper's Ghost, Julia Fractal, lo-fi, hi-fi, Capacitive Touch Sensors, Microcontrollers, Touchless ZX axis sensor, Interactive Sculpture, Consistency