Understanding the Preparation Phase of Technical Interviews

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Virginia Tech

Technical coding interviews are a core part of the evaluation process of software engineering (SWE) applicants. This process requires SWE job seekers to typically complete either one or multiple rounds of such interviews which are designed to measure their technical understanding of software engineering topics such as Data Structures and Algorithms. However, there are additional considerations made during the evaluation process, such as the applicants behavioral skills. Skills such as communication, problem solving, and stress tolerance, are just some of the skills that may be used in addition to the general technical skills. Both of these skill areas, in addition to the cognitive and social complexities associated with the various types of interviewing environments, result in a challenging event in which to properly prepare for. Our research aims to better understand how SWE job seekers prepare for such interviews through survey usage which analysis their used services, study habits, and educational background, thus providing useful insight and understanding into the complexities associated with the preparation process as a whole. By understanding the challenges and practices associated with the preparation phase of technical interviews, our research aims to help SWE job seekers, hiring companies, and future research creation.

Software Engineering, HCI, Technical Interview, Technical Coding Interview, LeetCode