Architectural Tectonics: A Shift Between the Cultural Tradition of Making to Contemporary Building Processes

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Virginia Tech

Modern architecture has lost its sense of place by the adoption of practices like standardization and universal modularity, over the focus and influence of unique local building practices. However, looking outside of the cultural main stream works of architecture, there exists some built structures with such purity around how they were constructed and a form of honesty deeply embedded within their material usage. Having been idealized in such a locally specific manner, these attributes become the essence of belonging that ties the building to its particular place. In this thesis, I have considered architecture both within regional or vernacular architectural traditions and the unconstrained means and methods of modern architecture. I looked at how modern technologies related to fabrication can be influenced by the subtle adaptations that traditional architecural crafts have developed, unique to specific regions.

Charleston, regional architecture, craft, digital fabrication, tectonics