Effects of Starch-Based Anti-Caking Agents on Browning of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese


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Virginia Tech


The effects of starch-based anti-caking agents on the browning of Mozzarella cheese were evaluated in this experiment. Six commercially available anti-caking agent treatments were examined and color measurements indicated that the starch-based anti-caking agents produced a baked cheese with a greater degree of browning than the samples treated with cellulose based anti-caking agents or no treatment (control). The cellulose-based treatments and the control also had a significantly greater moisture loss than the potato starch-based treatments. A negative correlation between percent moisture loss and the amount of browning was found (R2=0.51). The average surface temperature was at least 16 °C higher for the treatments containing potato starch than for the cellulose-based treatments. A significant relationship between average surface temperature and browning was also found (R2=0.67). These relationships suggest that the starch-based treatments impeded moisture loss, which decreased the amount of evaporative cooling. An increase in surface temperature resulted from the decrease in the amount of evaporative cooling and thus the Maillard reaction was accelerated leading to increased browning.

The effects of the starch source were examined using starches from corn, rice and wheat. These starches were compared to commercially available potato starch and cellulose anti-caking agents. All starch sources were found to produce a greater degree of browning on the cheese sample compared to the cellulose treatment and control.

Four adjuncts treatments, including dimethypolysiloxane, lactic acid, partially hydrogenated sunflower oil, and a combination of the dimethylpolysiloxane and sunflower oil were added to cheese treated with potato starch to determine if a reduction in the degree of browning could be achieved. No differences in browning between the potato starch treatment and those with added adjuncts were found.



anti-caking agents, Mozzarella, starch, browning