Baseball and Books

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dc.description.abstractExcitement is rumbling through the city just waiting for the grand opening. A fresh new face has been added to the streetscape of downtown Roanoke. A new branch library and baseball stadium is set to open soon. The site is near the edge of downtown Roanoke, Virginia at the intersection of Jefferson St. and Elm Ave. All the construction is complete and cleared away. Residents and employees all around Roanoke are eager for a new baseball season to start up. Those especially eager are downtown employees, who have just a short walk from work to the stadium. The new stadium has created a buzz from all the downtown businesses looking forward to the influx of people this summer, not to mention the amount of jobs the stadium will provide residents of Roanoke. Fans will be treated to a great event and will be fully entertained. The mountains far away create a beautiful backdrop for all. With baseball games becoming more and more of a social event and atmosphere, this stadium’s seating exhibits a new socially driven design while still mixing in the simplicity of the traditional seating style. The new branch library sits atop the stadium having its own autonomous nature while also blending in with the stadium form. It has its own specific entrance designed only for library use. Its grand entrance reaches out from the brick stadium wall signifying its special use. The library is one long floor filled with book stacks, personal reading spaces, large group meeting rooms, and computers. Views outward toward the baseball field and overlooking the Roanoke area provide a peaceful spot for all to sit back and enjoy a good read. At night, the large rooms are rentable for parties on game nights allowing for a private feel while still getting the great atmosphere of the game.en
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dc.titleBaseball and Booksen
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