Vitamin B-6 content of selected foods after institutional cooking and holding procedures

dc.contributor.authorReiter, Lou Anneen
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dc.description.abstractThe vitamin B-6 content of three foods, roast top round of beef in au jus, canned green beans in pot liquor, and whole baked potatoes was measured. These foods are typically served together as choices on the six week cycle menu at three dining halls on the University campus. Random samples were taken when the foods were raw, just cooked, and held for one, two, and three hours. Two additional samples of roast beef were selected as the beef received more cooking and holding treatments. Saccharomyces uvarum was the test organism used in the A.O.A.C. microbiological analyses for vitamin B-6 quantitation. Total vitamin B-6 was measured, not the individual vitamers. Roast beef lost total vitamin B-6, sometimes in significant quantities at every sample time. Green beans followed the same pattern of loss with cooking and increased holding times. Some of the vitamin was leached into the au jus and pot liquor as they were held with the beef and beans, respectively. Whole baked potatoes also lost in vitamin B-6 content with each sample time; however, this loss was not always significant. Institutional cooking and holding procedures utilized for these selected foods had adverse effects on their vitamin B-6 content.en
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dc.titleVitamin B-6 content of selected foods after institutional cooking and holding proceduresen
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