Numerical Analysis of the Melt Pool Kinetics in Selective Laser Melting Based Additive Manufacturing of M g2Si Thermoelectric Powders

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Virginia Tech

Thermoelectric generators convert heat energy to electricity and can be used for waste heat recovery, enabling sustainable development. Selective Laser Melting (SLM) based additive manufacturing process is a scalable and flexible method that has shown promising results in manufacturing high ZT Bi2T e3 material and is possible to be extended to other material classes such as M g2Si. The physical phenomena of melting and solidification were investi- gated for SLM-based manufacturing of thermoelectric (M g2Si) powders through comprehen- sive numerical models developed in MATLAB. In this study, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-based techniques were employed to solve conservation equations, enabling a detailed understanding of thermofluid dynamics, including the temperature evolution and the con- vection currents of the liquid melt within the molten pool. This approach was critical for optimizing processing parameters in our investigation, which were also used for printing the M g2Si powders using SLM. Additionally, a phase field-based model was developed to sim- ulate the directional solidification of the M g2Si in MATLAB. Microstructural parameters like the Secondary and Primary Dendritic Arm Spacing were studied to correlate the effects of processing parameters to the microstructure of M g2Si.

Additive Manufacturing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Phase Field, Thermoelectrics