TXM-Sandbox: an open-source software for transmission X-ray microscopy data analysis

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International Union of Crystallography

A transmission X-ray microscope (TXM) can investigate morphological and chemical information of a tens to hundred micrometre-thick specimen on a length scale of tens to hundreds of nanometres. It has broad applications in material sciences and battery research. TXM data processing is composed of multiple steps. A workflow software has been developed that integrates all the tools required for general TXM data processing and visualization. The software is written in Python and has a graphic user interface in Jupyter Notebook. Users have access to the intermediate analysis results within Jupyter Notebook and have options to insert extra data processing steps in addition to those that are integrated in the software. The software seamlessly integrates ImageJ as its primary image viewer, providing rich image visualization and processing routines. As a guide for users, several TXM specific data analysis issues and examples are also presented.

transmission X-ray microscope, data analysis, computer programs, X-ray imaging, XANES