Tip clearance and angle of attack effects upon the unsteady response of a vibrating flat plate in crossflow

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Virginia Tech


The influence of tip clearance and angle of attack upon the mid-span unsteady pressure response of a vibrating flat plate was investigated experimentally. Unsteady pressure measurements were taken for a variety of incidence angles, vibration frequencies and tip clearances over a Mach number range of 0.2 to 0.6.

It was found that changes in tip clearance had an effect on measured pressure fluctuations at higher angles of attack and larger Mach numbers. It was also observed that the amplitude of the unsteady pressure increased as the incidence angle was increased.

The plate was mechanically induced to oscillate in translation, simulating the flISt bending mode. Averaged Fast Fourier Transforms were used to determine pressure oscillation amplitudes and phase lags with respect to the plate motion.