Mechanical response of unidirectional Boron/Aluminum under combined loading

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Three test methods were employed to characterize the response of unidirectional Boron/Aluminum metal matrix composite material under monotonic and cyclic loading conditions, namely: Iosipescu Shear, Off-Axis Tension and Compression. The characterization of the elastic and plastic response includes the elastic material properties, yielding and subsequent hardening of the unidirectional composite under different stress ratios in the material principal coordinate system. The elastic response is compared with the prediction of the transformation theory, based on the far field stress ōₓₓ, the Pagano-Halpin Model, and finite element analysis. Yield loci were generated for different stress ratios and were compared for the three different test methods, taking into account residual stresses and specimen geometry. The yield locus for in-plane shear was compared with the prediction of an analytical micromechanical model. The influence of the scatter in the experimental data on the predicted yield surface was also analyzed. Likewise the experimental material strength in tension and compression was compared with the Maximum Stress and the Tsai-Wu failure criterion.