A study of the cost of producing corn, wheat, hay and potatoes in different sections of the U.S.

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

A study of the cost of production of crops is important for the farming interests of any county or state. Much is now being written on the subject of economic marketing but economic production is just as important. No matter how good a marketing plan may be, if there is a leak in the production, no farming operations can be really successful. The question of economic production is for the individual farmer to answer, and to aid him in solving this problem, a study of the cost of production must be made by the individual and state.

Any states which have carried on production studies have found such studies a great help to the grower in planning his crop production. However, there are many states which have not made any such studies at all.

The data for the following article was obtained mostly by writing to the different Experiment Stations in the United States. Little could be obtained from the Agricultural Library of the Virginia Experiment Station which shows the need for this kind of work here. In fact, none of the data pertaining to Virginia crops was obtainable from this source.

This article will be, as far as possible, a comparison of the cost of production of corn, wheat, hay and potatoes in Virginia with the same crops grown in other states and sections of the United States.

In this comparison it will be determined whether it is possible for Virginia to compete with these regions in the production of these crops.