Effects of Three Corticosteroids on Equine Articular Cocultures In Vitro

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Virginia Tech

The objective was to compare the effects of three corticosteroids at various equimolar concentrations on equine articular explant co-cultures in an inflammatory environment. Synovial and osteochondral explant co-cultures from 6 equine cadavers were exposed to IL-1β (10 ng/mL) and various concentrations (10-4, 10-7, or 10-10 M) of MPA, TA, IPA. Concentrations of PGE2, MMP-13, LDH, and GAG in media were determined at 48 and 96 hours. Results indicated wells with low concentrations of MPA (10-7 and 10-10 M at 48 and 96 hours), TA (10-7 M at 48 hours and 10-7 and 10-10 M at 48 and 96 hours), and IPA (10-10 M at 48 hours) had significantly less PGE2 than positive control samples. Groups with low concentrations (10-7 and 10-10 M) of MPA and TA had significantly less PGE2 than the highest concentration (10-4 M) at 48 hours. Significantly less MMP-13 was detected for all concentrations of MPA, TA, and IPA at 96 hours. The LDH assay results indicated cytotoxicity only for samples treated with IPA at 10-4 M at 48 and 96 hours. GAG was significantly lower for samples treated with TA 10-7 M at 48 hours and MPA 10-10 M at 96 hours versus positive controls. These findings suggest corticosteroids at low concentrations mitigated the inflammatory and catabolic effects of IL-1β to a greater extent than high concentrations. Effects of IPA and MPA were similar to TA at clinically relevant low equimolar concentrations.

osteoarthritis, corticosteroid, osteochondral explant, isoflupredone acetate