Probing electron-argon scattering for liquid-argon based neutrino-oscillation program


The electron scattering has been a vital tool to study the properties of the target nucleus for over five decades. Though, the particular interest on 40Ar nucleus stemmed from the progress in the accelerator-based neutrino-oscillation experiments. The complexity of nuclei comprising the detectors and their weak response turned out to be one of the major hurdles in the quest of achieving unprecedented precision in these experiments. The challenges are further magnified by the use of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (LArTPCs) in the short- (SBN) and long-baseline (DUNE) neutrino program, with almost non-existence electron-argon scattering data and hence with no empirical basis to test and develop nuclear models for 40Ar. In light of these challenges, an electron-argon experiment, E12-14-012, was proposed at Jefferson Lab. The experiment has recently successfully completed collecting data for (e,e'p) and (e,e') processes, not just on 40Ar but also on 48Ti, and 12C targets. While the analysis is running with full steam, in this contribution, we present a brief overview of the experiment.

nucl-ex, hep-ex, nucl-th, physics.ins-det