tapestry: towards a newer 'parchitecture, that which is 'pataphysical

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Virginia Tech

How do we design for a local community while respecting heritage and touching their hearts? We know through our minds and we understand through our hearts. Consciousness touches minds and experience touches hearts. Since phenomenology is the study of both consciousness and experience, this phenomenological architectural thesis is designed to touch both minds and hearts. Instead of replacement, we need embracement in order to root one's social identity. Only then we will elevate cultural heritage in any context, for example African.

This thesis includes a case study of light followed by a 'pataphysical design proposal for Tapestry: a new library at Mzuzu University in Malawi. The library proposal is introduced through poems and visual information in the following sets: metaphysical, physical, 'pataphysical. Through the inquiry in haiku writing style, this poetry collection evaluates corners, windows, light, intensity, form. Not only we propose an exciting and unique library design, but we also discover that dignity is the key to unlocking the spirit of light in any project, regardless of its form.

newer, caring, sympathy, poetry, phenomenology, heritage, heart, easy, line, free, inspirational, quiet, succinct, physical, metaphysical, 'pataphysical, relationships, places, evolve, unmoved, conditions, source, module, outward, inward, collaborate