An integrated decision approach: combining the demand-revealing, quality function deployment, and elements of the systems engineering processes

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Virginia Tech

This research provides an Integrated Decision Approach which makes operational a three step-decision process applicable to the development of publicly used systems. The research is important because solution approaches typically used for these types of problems have been inefficient, thus resulting in the consumption of large amounts of public resources. The Integrated Decision Approach enables group decision making when: (1) a definite number of users exists, (2) users pay all costs associated with the system, and (3) users may not use an alternate system once the system begins operation. Decision making is enabled by the Demand-Revealing Process, a decentralized decision mechanism, while feasible alternatives are developed through elements of the Systems Engineering Process and the Quality Function Deployment Process if necessary.

It is demonstrated through an hypothetical example that: (1) these three processes, when taken in a proper sequence, will enable decision making which meets the three stated conditions, (2) the Demand-Revealing Process will provide better results when applied within the Integrated Decision Approach, (3) face validity of the Integrated Decision Approach can be established. Thus, further research may show that the Integrated Decision Approach may be employed to solve these type of public sector problems. In addition, Demand-Revealing Processes may gain greater acceptance due to improved results when applied in proper sequence within the Integrated Decision Approach.