Pisces: a computer simulator to aid planning in state fisheries management agencies

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Virginia Tech

Some fisheries management activities have clearer relationships with angler consumption than others, end the clarity is usually reflected by the amount of historical data available upon which to base the relationship. Adequate historical data exists to derive the relationships between angler-days and access development, water development, regulation changes, and catchable trout stocking, so these relationships are probably the most reliable in PISCES. Little historical data exists to assess the effects of research and information and education activities upon angler-days. Therefore, the segments of PISCES accounting for research and information and education are probably the least reliable parts of the model.

PISCES can be improved before it is utilized in decision analysis. First, the efficiency of the computer program could be improved. PISCES is functional, but computer time and storage space might be saved by altering the program. Second, sensitivity analysis of input variables would provide important information to future users of PISCES. And finally, an application study would reveal any unforeseen problems which might arise in using PISCES.

If PISCES is never used to formulate management decision policies, it is hoped that some of the modeling techniques employed will prove useful in future efforts to model natural resource systems.

fisheries management