Pulse Train Fx-LMS Algorithm for Drive File Identification

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A novel time-domain algorithm is proposed in this paper for the iterative estimation of drive files. A drive file is a synchronized batch of dynamic time series commands that are simultaneously sent to one or more actuators in a test rig that is designed for service environment replication (SER). When drive file commands are input to an SER test rig, the response of the article under test is similar to what was measured in a service environment. The proposed Pulse Train Filtered-X Least Mean Square (PT-Fx-LMS) algorithm is based on methods developed for active noise and vibration control (ANVC). A time-domain PT-Fx-LMS algorithm is shown through several simulation studies to rapidly converge to a dynamic solution in a small number of iterations for a one degree-of-freedom nonlinear suspension. The PT-Fx-LMS algorithm is also shown to enable targeted iteration over isolated time slices within the data set, which challenges conventional frequency-domain techniques.




Balasubramanya, B.; Southward, S.C. Pulse Train Fx-LMS Algorithm for Drive File Identification. Machines 2024, 12, 286.