A Site Rediscovered

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Virginia Tech


This is a site-driven project located in my hometown of Lewiston, Maine, a point along the Androscoggin River.  Driving over the bridge as a child, I was intrigued by the waterfall, but it always seemed unattainable; the mills and abandoned buildings prevented access.  When my dad said that the last mill burned down at Great Falls in 2009, I was saddened but knew this provided a new opportunity for the community.

This project is not about placing a building, but rather intervening and creating a conversation with the existing landscape by framing and experiencing its beauty.

This project is an exploration of redefining entry, thresholds and pathways, as well as interlocking public and private spaces.  The design process was not linear; one question always led to another.  The program evolved over time, as I became more acquainted with the water, ruins and topography of the site.  My hope was that I would add a chapter to the site story of Great Falls and inspire future development for the community.



entry, threshold, pathways, ruins, Water, Memory