Use of Team Building on Construction Projects to Reduce Cost Growth and Schedule Growth


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Virginia Tech


The benefits of the team building process have been examined for many years by several organizations. The Army Corp of Engineers, Project Management Institute, and Construction Industry Institute studies provided the foundation for this research. Cost growth and schedule growth are two areas that were suspected to be improved by the use of team building. A thorough statistical and graphical analysis was conducted to evaluate the effects of the team building process on cost growth and schedule growth. The project phases and demographic slices were examined for both the contractors and owners.

The analysis of the relationship between the team building process and reduction of cost growth and schedule growth provides overwhelming support for implementing the process on construction projects. Although results of particular projects are not always supportive, the overall trends indicate that both budget overruns and schedule extensions can be reduced by the use of a team building process. Particular project categories have been identified as very susceptible to the positive influences of the team building process. Early implementation appears to be crucial in maximizing the benefits of the team building process.



Construction Management, Team Building, Partnering, Cost Growth, Schedule Growth