The renovation of a church: a design that enables the First Baptist Church to extend its ministry to the Gainsboro community of Roanoke, Virginia

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The renovation of existing buiIdings is an alternative to new construction in urban renewal.

The members of First Baptist Church of Roanoke, Virginia made the decision to utilize their existing structure after their new church facilities have been built. They believe that their building is an established landmark in the community, and that a reuse of this building would benefit the community. They feel that this building could become a vehicle to extend its ministry to the community.

A workshop, with Halprin scoring, role playing, and brainstorming, was used to establish the buiIding program. The program established the foundation for the design of the renovation of the church building.

A description of the workshop and results, the design process and final design are included.