Caregivers' preferences for institutional information and support during the geriatric long-term admission process

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Virginia Tech


The focus of this study was to determine what types of information and support families wanted at the time they admitted a relative to a long-term care facility. Twenty families were interviewed by telephone, including both the primary caregiver and, where appropriate caregiving family members. It was found that half of the families felt they wanted no additional information or support than they had received, and that they were basically satisfied with the facility's admission process. The majority of the families felt that the institution also encouraged their continued involvement with their relatives after admission.

The results suggest that researchers and practitioners need to be aware, however, that the admission process if often a stressful time, and that family members may be so involved in making long-term care arrangements that they do not focus on their own needs, but only on those of the elderly patient. Support services and information should be provided on an individual basis, considering such factors as whether the caregiver is employed full-time and the distance the caregiver lives from the facility.