Three-Phase Linear State Estimation with Phasor Measurements


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Virginia Tech


Given the ability of the Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) to directly measure the system state and the increasing implementation of PMUs across the electric power industry, a natural expansion of state estimation techniques would be one that employed the exclusive use of PMU data. Dominion Virginia Power and the Department of Energy (DOE) are sponsoring a research project which aims to implement a three phase linear tracking state estimator on Dominion's 500kV network that would use only PMU measurements to compute the system state. This thesis represents a portion of the work completed during the initial phase of the research project. This includes the initial development and testing of two applications: the three phase linear state estimator and the topology processor. Also presented is a brief history of state estimation and PMUs, traditional state estimation techniques and techniques with mixed phasor data, a development of the linear state estimation algorithms and a discussion of the future work associate with this research project.



linear state estimation, three phase, phasor measurements, state estimation, power systems, PMU